Family Checklist

There is plenty going on and plenty to do at the Cote Family Reunion. To help you stay organized, we’ve prepared a handy checklist to make sure your family is ready for the reunion weekend!

1. Register Your Family (Deadline: TBD)

It’s best to have one family member in charge of registering everyone for you.

2. Order Your T-Shirts & Hats (Deadline: TBD)

Once again, you’ll be able to order your T-shirts and hats online at the time of registration. You can pay with credit card and we will take care of making sure you get what you ordered. (It takes 3 weeks to get the hats and shirts made, then we need time to sort and get them distributed before the reunion.)

3. Plan your campsite theme

Each family is asked to have a Family Flag and a theme to decorate their campsite.  Be innovative, be creative and be crazy!

4. Plan your potluck dinner dish

Make a dish for your immediate family or do a larger group dish for your extended family branch.

5. Create your family photo board or memory book

Create a family photo poster (no bigger than 24″ x 36″) or a photo/memory book to share.

6. Bring a prize or prize basket for the silent auction

The better the prizes the more money we will raise to cover the reunion expenses.

7. Make sure you pack the following:

Bring plenty of cash for the raffles and draws. Towels and swim trunks for the Vassar pool. Toilet paper (for the park washrooms, and port-a-potties). Umbrella and rain gear (just in case!). Plenty of sunscreen and bug repellant.